From KLRU Central Texas Gardener: Orchids, those sensual flowers that can bloom for months, may seem challenging to the indoor gardener.  Jessica Robertson takes the mystery out of growing them, even for beginners.


Worm Composting 101 –Building Your Own Simple Worm Compost Bin

Worm castings are one of the best unknown secrets in the gardening world. Castings contain millions of natural microbiology that is just waiting to do work for you cycling nutrients, fighting pathogens, and amending your soils. This method of worm composting is for use with Red Wiggler worms also known as Red Worms. If you [...]

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November Checklist

Today I have a cool weather gardening checklist for you……. With cooler weather knocking at our door you can cut back on you irrigation schedule for you grass. I recommend watering once or twice a week until your grass goes dormant. Once your grass has gone dormant you can cut the irrigation down to once [...]

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