From KLRU Central Texas Gardener: Orchids, those sensual flowers that can bloom for months, may seem challenging to the indoor gardener.  Jessica Robertson takes the mystery out of growing them, even for beginners.


To Plant or Not To Plant? That Is the Question.

With the arrival of fall, and finally some cooler weather in the Central Texas area, I have had the itch to get out in the yard. The question is, “where do you start?” A great place to start is with planting trees.  Although they are a big investment, the return you get from them is [...]

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Organic Fertilizing

What is organic fertilizing? Organic fertilizing is the natural method of revitalizing your soil to reach its optimal condition. A healthier soil creates a positive environment for growing lawn, plants, and trees. Organic fertilizing simply puts the biological life back into your soil…naturally! How does it work? All plants require their own specific sets of [...]

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