What is organic fertilizing?

Organic fertilizing is the natural method of revitalizing your soil to reach its optimal condition. A healthier soil creates a positive environment for growing lawn, plants, and trees. Organic fertilizing simply puts the biological life back into your soil…naturally!

How does it work?

All plants require their own specific sets of nutrients to survive and flourish. Plants provide chemical compounds from their roots, called exudates, to attract the particular microbes that it needs. In turn, the microbes in the soil process these chemical compounds to make nutrients readily available to each plant as it needs them. This harmonious relationship is the foundation upon which all plants rely, in order to live. Biology also acts as a sponge, absorbing water and holding onto it. Microbes then release the water gradually as the soils dry out. This effect is nature’s way of water conservation and also adds air space in between soil particles to naturally fix soil compaction issues.

What makes soil infertile?

There are many factors contributing to the infertility of our soils. Synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides contribute greatly to the deterioration of our soils and human health by killing the beneficial microbes essential for life. The chemicals in these products and the residual salts left behind kill all beneficial microbes in the soil and leave plants unable to retrieve the nutrients they need. This situation results in “dead soils” that eventually leads to disease, compaction, lack of water retention, and eventually infertile soils.

Revitalizing your soil

Implementing microbes back into the soil and giving them food to eat is the only way to naturally revitalize it and reestablish the harmonious relationship that nature intended. We get life back into the soil through three methods of organic fertilizing:

  • Actively Aerated Compost Tea
  • Premium Blend of Dry Compost
  • Organic Fertilizers with Microbe Package


Actively Aerated Compost Tea

Actively aerated compost tea (AACT) is a concentrated oxygenated liquid form of compost, which contains soluble nutrients and a wide diversity of beneficial microbes. AACT is brewed fresh daily at our facility from organically enriched and tested compost. AACT contains the correct ratio of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and beneficial nematodes ready to go to work for you in your yard (soil?). This aerated and viable compost tea is applied as a foliar spray or drench to all shrubs, trees, lawns, and beds. This form of application ensures proper inoculation of microorganisms on both the surface of plants and deep into the soil.

Premium Dry Compost

In conjunction with AACT, an application of dry compost is essential to the health of your lawn and plants. Make sure that you are using premium compost that is produced locally. Compost should never have a bad smell to it and should be broken down well.

Organic Fertilizer

Good organic fertilizer is a slow release granular form of fertilizer applied to your lawn and beds. These ingredients provide food for beneficial microbes to grow and multiply which, in turn, provide nutrients for plants.