To Plant or Not To Plant? That Is the Question.

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With the arrival of fall, and finally some cooler weather in the Central Texas area, I have had the itch to get out in the yard. The question is, “where do you start?” A great place to start is with planting trees.  Although they are a big investment, the return you get from them is priceless. Not only do they provide shade, habitat for animals, wind breaks, and oxygen for us to breathe they also increase the value of your home. Right now is the best time of the year to plant woody shrubs, trees, and even perennials. The idea is to get them in the ground while the moderately […]

Tips for Winterizing Your Landscape

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  • In the Veggie Garden: Compost with premium compost
  • Plant another round of brassica species
  • In the Lawn: aeration, compost, and brown patch prevention
  • Cover Crops
  • Plant Trees and hardy shrubs. It’s the best time of the year to do so.
  • Mulch flower beds and trees. Mulch volcanoes are bad, mulch donuts are good. No cypress mulch, use aged double ground native hardwood mulch.
  • Have Frost Cloth Handy: No lollipops. Drape the ground to trap heat.


After First Hard Freeze:

  • Cut back perennials that die to the ground such as salvias, esperanza, pride of Barbados, and lantana.
  • Don’t cut back: roses or woody perennials (salvia greggii) and evergreens. Wait until mid-February
  • […]

November December Gardening Checklist

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November December Gardening Checklist

The best tree and shrub planting season continues now through mid-March. The sooner you get those trees in the ground the better. Even though the tree may go dormant up top, those plants are still growing long deep roots below ground. This gives your tree a head start on establishing that root system before our het sets in late spring. This not only conserves water, but it also places less stress on your tree and prevents transplant shock making the3se plants more drought resistant next year. Try planting some spring-flowering trees and shrubs such as azaleas, redbuds, and Mexican plums, anacacho orchid tree,  and Texas scarlet flowering […]

November Checklist

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Today I have a cool weather gardening checklist for you…….

With cooler weather knocking at our door you can cut back on you irrigation schedule for you grass. I recommend watering once or twice a week until your grass goes dormant. Once your grass has gone dormant you can cut the irrigation down to once a week or turn it off altogether to your grass zones. We normally have adequate rainfall through the winter to supplement your grass.  Don’t forget to give your newly planted trees and plants a steady supply of irrigation through the winter by watering them at least once or twice a week. This only applies once they […]

No Deer Not Tonight

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It’s Saturday morning and you’ve just finished your cup of coffee. Motivation is at its peak and your ready to step out into the yard and enjoy the flowers, and then you discover that the deer have already enjoyed the flowers during an overnight party in your yard that you were not invited to. This puts a big halt to the morning’s relaxing schedule of flower enjoyment. Gardening with deer can be one of the most challenging feats in the Texas Hill Country. Luckily, Backbone Valley Nursery has plants, products, and best of all experience so that you can have that perfect yard and enjoy it too.

If you think you […]